My Story

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Lois Fletcher and I am a self-taught, award-winning watercolor artist and owner of Late Bloomer Artworks. Here you will find my artwork for sale, both originals and prints, as well as assorted items featuring my art.

There is also a page for you to see samples of my pet portraits. I would love to paint a picture of your beloved pet (dog, cat, or something else!). I work from photos and all of my paintings are in watercolor. You can email me for details.

I have always loved creating, even as a small child. My interests were varied, but it wasn’t until I moved back to Florida in 2019, after a 46-year hiatus, that I discovered a talent and love for watercolor – hence the name of my company.

I tried painting with watercolor once, many, many years ago. It was just a class at a local art and craft store. My instructor got frustrated with me because I wanted to paint a lot of detail in my painting, unlike your typical watercolor paintings. His response to me was “If you want it to look like a photograph, take a picture!” That was all I needed to discourage me from painting for decades. But now I realize that painting comes from within, and I need to follow my own heart and paint what I love, the way I love. In my case that is mostly nature – complete with LOTS of detail.

I feel my latent talent was a gift from God and I want to somehow use it to glorify Him. I want to share the beauty of His creation through my artwork, as well as encourage others that “it’s never too late to create”! If you have a desire to learn something new, GO FOR IT! You never know what hidden talent you may have and it’s never too late to try.

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to email me. You can also use the links here to visit my Facebook and/or Instagram pages. Be sure to subscribe to my emails and I promise I won't fill your inbox. I'll just touch base about once a month to show you new releases and occasional specials on my website.